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Kentucky Real Estate Services


Property Development In Elizabethtown KY

Biz-property-1Our work with real estate really begins from the ground up. We do agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential developments in the Elizabethtown KY and Louisville KY area. We build private developments, and also are commissioned by clients for projects.

  • Farms: Our firm buys large farms to develop into subdivisions or to make improvements on. These improvements can include adding drainage, irrigation, property clearing, etc. Whether subdivisions are a few lots or hundreds, you can find different upgraded features like blacktop roads, sidewalks, green spaces, walking paths, streetlights, school bus pick-up stations, and more.
  • Commercial Properties: We accommodate a wide range of clients by developing a variety of commercial projects. We develop strip centers, medical buildings, retail centers, office buildings, and restaurants. We can finance entire projects or just build outs.
  • Industrial Properties: We don’t limit ourselves to the development of single warehouses, but also have experience developing entire industrial parks. Our industrial properties can suit all size users. Some of our warehouses are 5,000-250,000 square feet. Developments can be used for storage, house factories, or office/warehouse flex space.


Elizabethtown KY Investment Property Representation

We want our clients to know that representation isn’t just about buying houses or leasing space. We take it to the next level by working on finding the best avenues to invest your money. We work with investors on income-producing properties, liquidation of properties, and 1031 tax exchanges.

Our firm is always changing to best suit our customers. For example, we have evolved to handle the rise of distressed properties on the market. We are constantly researching listings, auctions, and bank repossessions for the best investment possibilities. We also acquire properties and make changes to repurpose them for a more profitable use.

Listing of Properties In Louisville KY | Elizabethtown KY

The Land Store represents client properties with a multi-faceted marketing plan to achieve leasing and selling goals. We combine multiple types of mediums to advertise our listings. These mediums include websites like Loopnet.com and costar.com. We are members of all of the major multiple listing associations. We also use newspapers ad sections both in print and online.

Louisville KY Commercial & Industrial Leasing

Looking for properties can be very overwhelming. We take the stress out of your real estate search by asking the right questions to assess your needs, then narrow the options using specific search requirements. We reach out to our professional contacts for options that may not be listed.

Once a client has decided on a property we can assist them with designing the layout of the space. We also can put them in touch with excellent contractors and architects to help finalize plans and begin construction. We can finance build-outs for clients who may need funds for others reasons in the leasing process.

Auctions In Elizabethtown KY | Louisville KY

We partner with C&W Real Estate & Auction Co. for all of our auctions. We handle different types of auctions including residential, land, equipment, and personal property. We use the latest technology for all of our auctions. The registration and payment process are completely digital, which makes the process very quick and easy. With our systems, once a customer has been to an auction we are able to bring them up at any future event and simply assign them a new bidders number. This also keeps our records current so that our customers can receive new info on upcoming sales.

Elizabethtown KY Property Management

Our property manager works diligently for landlords to achieve the highest level of satisfaction with their properties. We manage all sizes of commercial and industrial properties, ranging from single-user warehouses to large, multi-user centers. Our management services are broken down into different levels so that landlords can have a more customized experience. These levels include taking all service requests, full accounting, maintenance and repairs, full service leasing, an on site manager, and more. We know that each one of our properties is unique, and we can provide management solutions to match.

Evaluation of Property

An experienced broker will use various references to create an opinion of value for the property. This is not an appraisal, but an estimation of the price for a particular property.

Consulting for Troubled Louisville KY and Elizabethtown KY Businesses

When businesses fall into difficult times, we work directly with them to analyze their individual situations. We then work to create unconventional solutions so that the business can get back on its feet. These solutions include financing, value redistribution, and owner leasebacks. When consulting, we will find new avenues for financing, using our contacts with banks to negotiate new terms for businesses. We can also work to restructure financing through lease changes, and have also worked with the total liquidation of businesses at public or private auctions.