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Tim Aulbach is the President of The Land Store, Inc. Tim has built a successful career by specializing in multiple areas of the real estate industry. He began as an auctioneer in 1984, and added his real estate license in 1985. He has become a notable entrepreneur through his various businesses, including The Land Store, Inc., TDA Properties, Inc., KY Auctioneers, Inc., Magnet Properties, Inc., and Aulbach Pence LLC.

Over the years Tim has established a strong foundation with subdivision developments and farm sales. He has expanded into other areas such as commercial and industrial leasing, shopping center developments, and revitalizing vacated industrial plants for new uses.

Tim continues to evolve with the ever changing real estate market by pursuing new projects in places outside of Kentucky, including Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. He has widened his focus to purchasing distressed properties and repurposing buildings to create new profitability.

His body of work includes projects such as Cool Springs Center, developing more than ___ subdivisions, and the revitalization of the Coca Cola Plant. Cool Springs is a shopping center with more than 84,000 square feet, which he developed in 2007. The old Coke plant was one of the largest bottling plants until 2006 when it was vacated. After sitting empty for three years, Tim purchased the property and repurposed it by changing the use and giving it a new facelift.

Tenants Tim has worked with in the past include McAlister’s Deli, Hardin Memorial Hospital, Bridal Warehouse, Beef O’ Brady’s, Jeff’s Prescription Shop, Citizen’s Union Bank, and others.

Tim has a knack for taking difficult properties and overhauling them to create the best use for returns.